Finger screens

Finger screens are used for sorting difficult materials. They are used for
separating clay from material, that will be used for future production.
They are also used for recycling.
Advanteges of finger screens:                                                                             
- high efficiency,
- self – cleaning ability, due to own vibration of wires, made with round,
 steel wire. The wires  have high resistance. One of the part is vulcanized
 in a rubber beam.

Range of meshes:
- 25-150 mm,
- diameter of used wires: 10-30 mm

A size of a gap should be 10-15% smaller than the limit required for sorting.
During installing ropes should be raised about 5-10° relative to level.

They are made in modules:
- width of 630 mm,
- maximum length of rods is 600 mm  


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