Strip tension

Strip tension are used for cross fixing a screen in a sorting machine. They can be used for all kind wire, polyurethane and rubber screens, equipped with hooks. It’s also possible to make strips with rubber or polyurethane protective surface.    


Spray nozzles
Polyurethane, spray nozzles are resistant to corrosion. They have small ability to clog. They are very good for spray installation in rinsing process of aggregate on screens. They are made in 3 sizes: Ø5, Ø7, Ø9 mm.


Pins for screens
Polyurethane pins are used for fixing polyurethane and rubber screens in a construction under screens. Depends on thickness of screens pin’s sizes can be: B30, B40, B50.


Pressure strip/wedge/scrapers
Pressure strip/wedge are made of reinforced polyurethane with highly wear resistant. They are used for fixing screen’s surfaces.   


Safety profiles
They are made of rubber or polyurethane. Safety profiles are used as pads under screens. They protect the screen from damage. Profiles are located in places of contact a screen with polyurethane bracket in inner part of sorting machine. 

Construction under screen
We have a range of steel construction under screen:
a) under rubber EPP screens with a mesh 20 mm,
b) under kołkowe screens with meshes fi 24,8 mm
c) under screens in s85 system with a mesh 14 mm

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