About us

We are a company producing technical screens and other products that are used in such as industries: extractive, machine-building, food, plastics, chemical and many others.
Many years of experience in the industry let us achieve the best results in quality of our products. We are concentrated on individual needs and requirements of clients.
We have an experience in such as fields: sieving, classification, separation and draining.  

We offer:
- Crimp screens
- Woven wire screens 
- Self – cleaning screens 
- Piano screens 
- Welding screens  
- Perforated screens with plate
- Polyurethane modulars and tension hook screens
- Rubber, modular and tension hook screens
- Rubber-metal plates 
- Technical advice in screening process
- the right kind of screens selection
- Optimization of production line.

We offer crimped screens in patches as well as rolls. We also offer a version of screens with hook for crosswise and lengthwise tensioning. Screens are made of materials such as: carbon steel and high strength alloys, stainless, acid – proof, heat-resisting  materials, colour materials. 

We will be happy to help you

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